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Gathis Introduction

The Gathis online D&D campaign world uses rule sets from 3.5e or D20 Dungeons & Dragons and 2e Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. We have Dungeon Masters (DMs) running groups of PCs using both rule sets. Gathis is a shared-campaign world (also known as a living-campaign or a persistent-campaign) , meaning that the actions of different online groups of active Players help to shape campaigns and story lines of other groups in the world, the campaign world continually evolves!

Well-met adventurer. I see you are prepared to make a place for yourself in history so you may be remembered by future generations. Now donít think for a moment that this will be an easy task. Nay, for the history of Arden and much of the lands of Gathis have seen their fair share of strife and war. Now donít get me wrong, for you and I have things rather good in these modern times.

The Elves, Humans, and those scaly beasts called the Shajari of Casaloren have been allied for over 200 years. We donít have to put up with their wars like our ancestors did. And thanks be had to the Andelai Republic, as weíve got good Arena Fights to wager our coin upon. Why I even hear that the School of Health has ways to make folks live almost as long as Halflings. Imagine that!

Indeed we are living in blessed times my friend. Great events have happened, such as the building of The Channel. I havenít seen it with my own eyes, but I hear tales that itís a grand sight. And letís not forget about the Battle of the Dragons! My own father witnessed the great beasts flying high over the Tuscan Desert, but he never did tell me why or how it ended. And whenís the last time youíve been to a large market or bazaar? Have you seen the wondrous things being shipped over from Shiandispar? I hope to set these old eyes upon their lands across the Falstean Sea.

Ah, but all that could come crumbling down at any moment. I hear the Andelai Republic is gearing up its army for something big. Maybe it was those four Succession Wars over in Bojurica that have the Emperor all flustered. And what about that Undead Army I heard of up in TarceíMu? Do you think theyíd ever cross the Misitorean Sea and make their way here? Letís hope the Humans and Dwarves of Fulkurth are ready for Ďem. And poor Headmaster Tarinor of the Cartanix Academy of magic, he went missing some 20 odd years ago, and the authorities still havenít found head nor hair of him.

Iím telling you, it wonít be easy to make your mark upon the world, but I see a fire in your eyes and can sense a steely reserve in your heart. Maybe the Deius have plans for you yet. Maybe youíll travel the lands of Gathis to unlock her well-kept secrets. Maybe, just maybeÖ youíll grow old like me.

New Poll!
Vote for which commercially published D&D world you like most and tell why in the comments section!

Posted by Aberen on Monday, February 15 @ 15:35:39 MST (3914 reads)
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Site Revision Still Underway
Information about the site. Hey all - I'm working at moving some more stuff around and creating some new organization for the information that is here on the site.

Over the next few months you might notice something is moved or changed in some manner. I apologize if its an inconvenience.

You can help me along with this by submitting you critique of the work either here or on the forums. You input would be greatly appreciated. You can also check my journals to see what I've been working on.

Posted by korth on Wednesday, January 21 @ 10:49:14 MST (5542 reads)
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Heroes of the North
DM Aberen's Group Update About a generation ago (approximately 30 years before start of campaign), four great heroes emerged to defend the cities of the Tarce Council and indeed, all of the humans on the continent. Their deeds are legendary and it is said that they saved the Tarcian people from destruction or a return to barbarism. They battled terrible monsters, defeated powerful orc leaders, prevented another incidence of plague, etc Ė in short, saved the Tarcian Council from collapse.

Posted by MysticMango on Friday, April 25 @ 11:00:08 MDT (6452 reads)
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Game Quotes: Battle of the Barrier
IC Rumors You Might Hear Introduction: (Month of Scillia (6th month) in 684 AR)

This particular story can be heard in most major cities of the Republic and elsewhere; anyplace large enough to draw a decent bard. Though some bards change or embellish a bit, the stories appear almost identical in the telling. This particular telling was told by the famous bard, Joscod, in a city park in Polisport. Joscod explained that it was not her story but rather, one she had heard on the wind, from a rich and delightful voice:

Posted by MysticMango on Sunday, September 09 @ 23:01:58 MDT (7524 reads)
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Gathis News: New DM, Magarthryx!
Information about the site. I'm pleased to announce that Gathis has a new DM. Let's make DM Magarthryx feel welcomed into our world. He was a Player for awhile but has decided to come over to the Dark Side. ;-)

Posted by MysticMango on Tuesday, August 07 @ 19:17:23 MDT (4894 reads)
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